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Restaurant deliveries and much more!

Sure, picking up food orders from local restaurants and delivering them to businesses and individuals throughout the St. Louis area is our "bread and butter."  We have a convenient website with links to many restaurant websites, fair rates, responsible drivers, a wide coverage area, and the latest GPS technology.  We are "on the run" from 9am to 9pm, but available for earlier or later deliveries with special arrangements.  For your convenience, we accept cash and credit cards (sorry, no checks accepted without prior approval).  Gift certificates are also available.  Whether you just don't feel like going out, but want dinner from your favorite restaurant, or you're responsible for bringing in lunch for the crowd, or you want to have food delivered to someone special, give us a call.  Call us first, before placing your order with the restaurant, to arrange a pickup time.

But our services don't stop there.  We can pick up and deliver much more: prescriptions, documents, Avon orders, and so much more.  We can also place signage for your business, haul basement clean-out items to donation drop-off sites, just to name a few options.  We specialize in the unique and fill a void when you need something picked up or delivered and don't know who to call.

This website is in its infancy and will always be a work in progress.  We will be adding more restaurants, offering specials, and keeping you in touch with what is new.  So check back often and give our service a try.  Besides providing a great service, we hope to develop lasting friendships, as well. 
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